Hotel Management

B.Sc. in Hotel Management

Duration: 3 years

This programme has been developed in response to the needs of those seeking managerial employment in the Indian Hospitality Industry. The course provides a vocationally relevant programme of education that is intellectually challenging and will prepare students for a career in operational management in the Hotel industry, by providing the student with:

  • Vocational skills and understanding of the hotel environment to enable them to be effective in immediate employment in first line managerial position.
  • An understanding of Industry concepts and encourage independence of thought with which the student will be able to analyze a wide range of hospitality situations.
  • To enable the graduate to communicate with senior managers on Strategic Business Planning issues.
  • An understanding of the importance of personal development and to develop and practice these skills to assist them in a future career.
  • Strategies to cope with change, the programmes personal development skills for students also will allow graduates to manage change with changing environments.
  • Opportunities to gain industrial experience which will allow students to broaden their perspective of the Hospitality Industry.
Semester: 1 Semester: 2
Code Theory Code Theory
HM-101 Food Production Foundation -I HM-201 Food Production Foundation -II
HM-102 Food & Beverage Service Foundation -I HM-202 Food & Beverage Service Foundation -II
HM-103 Front Office Foundation -I HM-203 Front Office Foundation -II
HM-104 Housekeeping Foundation – I HM-204 Housekeeping Foundation – II
HM-105 Application of Computers HM-205 Basic Accounting
HM-106 Hygiene & Sanitation HM-206 Business Communication
HM 107 Hotel engineering
Practical Practical
HM-151 Food Production -I HM-251 Food Production Foundation -II
HM-152 Food & Beverage Service Foundation -I HM-252 Food & Beverage Service Foundation -II
HM-153 Front Office Foundation -I HM-253 Front Office Foundation -II
HM-154 Housekeeping Foundation – I HM-254 Housekeeping Foundation – II
HM-155 Application of Computers
HM IPC Inter-Personal Communications HM-256 Business Communication
Semester – III/IV Semester – III/IV
Code Theory Code Theory
HM-301 Food Production Operation -I
HM-302 Food & Beverage Service Operation -I
HM-303 Front Office Operation -I
HM-304 Housekeeping Operation – I
HM-305 Food Science and Nutrition
HM-306 Principles of Management
Practical Practical
HM-351 Food Production Operation – I HM-451 Industrial Training
HM-352 Food & Beverage Service Operation – I
HM-353 Front Office Operation – I
HM-354 Housekeeping Operation – I
HM-PBM Professional Behaviors & Mannerism
HM-355 Food Science and Nutrition
Semester -V Semester – VI
Code Theory Code Theory
HM-501 Food Production Operation -II HM-601 Advance Food Production -I
HM-502 Food & Beverage Service Operation -II HM-602 Food & Beverage Service Operation -III
HM-503 Front Office Operation -II HM-603 Front Office Management- I
HM-504 Housekeeping Operation – II HM-604 House Keeping Management-I
HM-505 Hotel Accounting HM-605 Hotel Laws and Risk Management
HM-506 Human Resource Management HM-606 Strategic Management
Practical Practical
HM-551 Food Production Operation -II HM-651 Advance Food Production -I
HM-552 Food & Beverage Service Operation -II HM-652 Food & Beverage Service Operation -III
HM-553 Front Office Operation -II HM-653 Front Office Management- I
HM-554 Housekeeping Operation – II HM-654 House Keeping Management-I
HM – PD Personality Development HM-655 Management Information Systems

Career Options:

  • Management Trainee in Hotel and allied hospitality industry
  • Kitchen Management/Housekeeping Management positions in Hotels after initial stint as trainee;
  • Flight Kitchens and on-board flight services
  • Indian Navy Hospitality services
  • Guest/Customer Relation Executive in Hotel and other Service Sectors
  • Management Trainee/Executive in international and national fast food chains
  • Hospital and Institutional Catering
  • Faculty in Hotel Management/Food Craft Institutes
  • Shipping and Cruise lines
  • Marketing/Sales Executive in Hotel and other Service Sectors
  • State Tourism Development Corporations
  • Resort Management
  • Self-employment through entrepreneurship and
  • Multinational companies for their hospitality services


Duration: 1 year

Tourism and Travel Management today is a way of life of all individuals. A desire to break from routine or to look forward to a better life, travel has always remained a constant joy ever since intelligent life came into being. India has a bright future in the area of tourism and has a kaleidoscope of sights and products to offer to visitors. Realizing this Government of India is taking keen interest to develop facilities to attract tourists from world over. The enterprise in the present scenario requires proficient and confident manpower which has complete knowledge of the intricate technicalities involved in the smooth functioning of this industry.

Special Features of the Course:

  • To make the students aware of the basic concepts of management, organizational behavior, marketing and financial management and to develop appropriate management skills required for Tourism and Travel Management industry.
  • To develop communication skills in English.
  • To develop operational skills in a foreign language.
  • To develop trade oriented skills related to Tourism and Travel Management.
  • To bring about high degree of computer literacy in the students, applicable in the tourism industry.
  • To provide the students knowledge and skills to understand in totality the Tourism and Travel Management field, Its inter-relationships and its impacts.
Semester 1 Semester 2
Code Name of the Unit Code Name of the Unit
GTM01 Fundamentals of Tourism GTM 06 Personality Development & Communication Skills
GTM02 Tourism Products of India GTM07 Tour Operation & Travel Agency Management
GTM03 Computer Application & GDS GTM08 Marketing Management Service Industries
GTM04 Air Travel System & Cargo Management GTM09 Environmental Education & Disaster Management
GTM05 Introductory Accounting & Foreign Exchange GTM10 Dissertation/Project Work/Comprehensive
Career Options:

  • Travel agencies / Tour operator
  • Airlines
  • State tourism bodies
  • Cruise operations
  • Guides and escorts
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Conferences and events management
  • Self-employment / Own Entrepreneurship
Duration: 1 year

This is an ideal course for someone who wants to gain maximum skills in culinary arts, with the perfect mix of practical and theory classes throughout the year. The course offers all aspects of cooking & bakery & patisserie and provides an excellent opportunity for young people who would like to kick start their career in the food and beverage department.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Code Units Code Units
DCA01 Organise and prepare food DCA07 Produce poultry dishes
DCA02 Use basic method of cookery DCA08 Produce sea food dishes
DCA03 Prepare appetisers and salads DCA09 Produce meat dishes
DCA04 Prepare stocks, souces and soups DCA010 Produce pasteries
DCA05 Prepare vegetable, fruits, egg and facinaceous dishes DCA011 Produce cakes
DCA06 Produce yeast based bakery products DCA011 Plan and cost basic means
DCA07 Hygiene & Sanitation DCA011 Business Communication
DCA08 Interpersonal Skills
Career Prospects:

  • Cooks and food prep workers
  • Cafeteria Chef
  • Personal chef
  • World-class chef
  • Cruises lines kitchen management
  • Airlines chefs
  • Conferences and events management
Duration: 1 year

This qualification reflects the role of pastry chefs who use a wide range of patisserie skills. The course will enable the students to have a judgment and a sound knowledge of kitchen operations. They will be able to work with some independence and under limited supervision and may provide operational advice and support to team members. The student will be able to produce luscious desserts, high-end pastries, signature confections, and fresh breads. The students will learn everything they need to know to produce high-quality baked goods and pastries. From fundamental baking classes to the latest pastry trends, our specialized course has been designed for culinarians, bakers, and pastry chefs alike. Informative lectures, thorough demonstrations, and hands-on applications make a valuable learning experience for all foodservice professionals.

Course Structure:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Code Units Code Units
DBC01 Organise and prepare food DBS08 Produce dishes
DBC02 Use basic method of cookery DBS09 Produce gateaux,torten and cakes
DBC03 Produce yeast based bakery products DBS010 Produce petites fours
DBC04 Produce cakes DBS011 Produce and serve food for buffets
DBC05 Produce pasteries DBS012 Produce desserts
DBC06 Hygiene & sanitation DBS013 Plan and cost basic menus
DBC07 Interpersonal skills DBS014 Business Communication
Career Prospective:

  • Pastry chef
  • Bakery owner
  • Sous chef de patisserie in Hotels and services
  • Bakery Production house
  • Cake decorator