In Memory of MR. Dhruv Batra

dhruv-batraDhruv Batra, one of the guiding lights of NILA (National Institute of Learning and Academics), left us to be with the Almighty. Young Dhruv was passionate about education and committed to making a difference to many young Indians by making international level opportunities in education available in the country. NILA was the first of many such initiatives launched by the Batra Family, with Dhruv as the engine. Dhruv was also in the process of setting up many nation building enterprises in the fields of renewable energy, ports, logistics and infrastructure. In his young life he achieved much: be it in his own education starting from St. Columbus School in Delhi, to an undergraduate degree at the prestigious University of Warwick in the UK and a Masters from the world renowned London School of Economics. He worked with the Deutsche Bank in London for a few years and with the Qatari Sovereign Fund managing wealth thereafter, before returning home armed with education, experience and a burning ambition to make a difference to India and her people.

Dhruv always considered his place of learning as his home away from home and attributed his success and personality traits as having been nurtured at School and at University. He developed an extraordinary capacity for creating opportunity and prosperity for many around him and for helping India to claim her rightful place in the order of Nations, on a global stage. Dhruv was an extremely proud Indian and everything he did was geared to elevate India and improving core perceptions and perspectives amongst all Indians.