Life @ NILA

NILA (National Institute of Learning and Academics) provides a platform that integrates the industry and academia to expose students to a stimulated atmosphere, which prepares students to secure a good job opportunity in the industry. At NILA we offers a supportive and caring campus environment for our students to develop socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Involvement in student life is an essential part of the student’s college experience, an integral part of the start of a lifelong journey of exploration, seeking knowledge and transformation. At NILA, the opportunities abound. Delve into experiences that will enhance your self-awareness, where students will discover who they are are and what their passions are. Students get a chance to immerse themselves in opportunities that will expand their awareness and understanding of others around them, opportunities that will lead them to discover their place in this global world.


The faculty at NILA assumes the role of a mentor to help the students as their friend, philosopher and guide. Our students have regular counseling sessions with the faculty so that they can excel beyond their own expectations and solve their problems in the most effective manner possible. This practice ensures holistic development of the students.

Mentoring engages students, faculty and staff in an environment that promotes academic excellence, leadership development, and career exploration for students. The mentoring process supports student’s continuous growth and development, the transfer of knowledge, and the building of personal and professional capabilities.

Leadership Opportunities

Students have endless opportunities to get involved. Through a variety of leadership programs, experiences and opportunities, students will develop their knowledge, skills and abilities to affect positive change and inspire others to make a difference in the world.

Student Activities

Students can participate in student clubs with shared interests in arts and culture, athletics, theatre, IT club and much more. Students can join a club or start a new club catered to a particular topic as soon as they step foot on campus.

Student Support Services

There are a number of programs, services and resources available to meet student’s needs and support their success as an NILA student.