Message from Academic Dean

Ashok MittalNational Institute of Learning and Academics (NILA) is an Institute which trains and imparts instructions for the under-graduate education in career oriented programmes in Hotel Management, Animation, Fashion Designing and Business Management. Our courses are designed in a manner, with the help of our industry partners, which leaves no gap between the education and the employability of the students, who complete the degree with NILA. The courses are so much practice oriented that the industry gets a ready-made employee who can meet their needs from day-one itself.

NILA has been established to be a centre of excellence and enhance the employability of the youth who study with us. Our trained and experienced faculty works hard in this direction. The well equipped laboratories and the library, at our state of the art campus, go a long way in providing the environment necessary for such practice oriented education. In addition our industry partners take care of the hands-on training by providing suitable internships, wherever needed.

NILA has also associated with Lingaya’s University, Haryana to ensure that the students receive a recognized Degree on the completion of a purposeful education. All in all we provide all that is needed for converting the youth into a citizen with confidence and ready to face the challenges in the competitive world. You are at the threshold of taking a decision for your career. We, at NILA, invite you to explore the possibilities that we provide before you take a final decision.  You are most welcome to visit us, interact with our staff and see things for yourself. We will assist you in arriving at your decision which you will not have to regret later on.
Looking forward to seeing you at NILA!