Message from Director

Chairman’s Message

msg-directorThe Indian economy is burgeoning into an economic powerhouse owing to the seamless integration of the economies of the world. This also gives India recognition as an upcoming knowledge based economy, where its human capital is its key resource to the path of success. What is required now is to nurture this resource with skills, training, knowledge, use of IT and through infrastructure support, not only to contribute in their capacity to the economy but also required for them to excel in their specific areas of interest and for their self development.

In the industrial sector, it is rightly observed that there is a mismatch between the skilled manpower available and the skilled manpower required on the job. It is to address such a shortage that we have set up NILA College.

Education is the greatest gift that can be given to anyone, and I am fortunate to provide you an environment where you can learn through practical knowledge, real life learning environment, state of the art infrastructure, and seasoned, well-qualified faculty.

At NILA (National Institute of Learning and Academics), we believe in instilling in our students, values of respect, co-operation, integrity and determination, along with the course curriculum so that the students may embark on their careers and make a mark for themselves.

I welcome you and invite you to be a part of on an exciting journey at NILA with the assurance that you will be given the best of facilities and resources to help you secure the future of your dreams.

D V Batra
Group Chairman


Director’s Message

msg-director1Dear Students,

I am delighted to share with you, an insight into life at NILA, and hope it serves as a positive factor in choosing us as your place of study.

NILA is a young and motivated college that offers lifestyle, and career-oriented courses. Our curriculum reflects the changing needs of industries and are based in large studios that give you an experience of real work environments. We follow exciting teaching methods to career oriented programs and ensure that each course carries an in-built personality development component.

Your time at NILA will be full of surprises and curiosity generating moments, where, in the end, you not only get a degree of theoretical knowledge, but a wholesome development of practical life skills that will ensure a bright future for you. We strive to enhance your employability and help in building a fruitful career.

In Gurgaon, we are at the centre of all the happenings. Our location is very exciting and there is a lot for students to do. We lay a lot of emphasis on industry involvement, guest lecturers and creative workshops to widen your horizon and allow you to think out of the box. Interactions with faculty and peers, and involvement in various club events, like the Hues and Kaleidoscope ensure a common platform for exchange of ideas and thoughts. Creativity has no limits here, and if you are with us, the opportunities will keep arising.

Our Faculty and Advisory Board, comprise of stalwarts from academia and industry, they have a breadth of skills and interests, and will be mentors to you. You will have the chance to be guided and groomed by them during your time here at NILA.

At NILA, we never stand still. We consciously work towards getting better and building an environment for you that can bring out the best in you. Our students are prepared for challenges at work and are specially trained for entrepreneurship and leadership.

Welcome to the start of a lifelong journey.
There is always so much going on at NILA: be a part of it!

Best wishes

Mahima Batra
Director, Batra Group