Mission & Vision


We aim to be a centre of excellence and a knowledge hub for students by providing them with career oriented courses aimed at enhancing their skills through industry endorsed curriculum and real life work environments.


To be the premier centre of learning for career-oriented courses, with a strong commitment towards our students and society at large.


  • Ambitious : The ability to dream big and the ambition to excel will make the NILA (National Institute of Learning and Academics) student able to move ahead in their career and achieve their goals.
  • Enthusiastic : The enthusiasm and vigor to forge ahead despite impediments will make NILA students stand apart from the ordinary.
  • Innovative : The basic tenet of NILA is to make its students think uniquely and out of the box as compared to their counter parts. That makes them entrepreneurial in temperament and extremely employable in the Industry.
  • Organized and Optimistic: NILA students are so meticulously groomed that they have a positive attitude and are able to counter professional and social hurdles bravely.
  • Understanding : They are able to comprehend the need of the hour, as it arises and tackle it courageously. These fundamental values that lie at the heart of leadership, entrepreneurial skills, innovation and social responsibility will help train professionals with the right attitude and motivation to excel in their chosen field.