Overview of NILA

National Institute of Learning and Academics (NILA) an initiative of the Batra Group is located at Sector 44 in Gurgaon. The campus is spread over in about 28,000 square feet of covered area. NILA follows a pedagogy to competence-based training in India, offering courses which leads to skill development in Fashion Design, Hospitality Management, Animation and Business Management. NILA has a culture of skills-based and application-oriented learning that enables students to maximise employment opportunities in their respective industry and mould them into responsible professionals who will help build a progressive nation. NILA students are given industry exposure through real work environments, internships and visits thus enabling them to fit into the professional sphere.

The courses at NILA have been designed and the teaching methodology is such that the students are job ready on completion of the course. The course equips them with specialized knowledge to meet their own individual needs and career plans.

Successful specialist courses depend on the best possible equipment and teaching facilities. We at NILA invest in the right resources for our students. Our approachable faculty works with smaller class sizes to make teaching more individual. In addition to well-equipped classrooms, we have a comprehensively stocked library where students can also benefit from the latest resources. The faculty and staff at NILA are ready to respond to student’s individual needs, providing all the support students require to achieve their personal best.

NILA (National Institute of Learning and Academics) mirrors the fundamental principles of enhancing employability, building careers. It aims to help students and faculty, uphold their values to be of benefit to society.

We have a rigorous curriculum that focuses on practical knowledge and application skills, ensuring that our graduates are most sought after by the industry.

NILA Mindset

We believe that enterprise and employability are the building blocks to any successful career. Apropos this philosophy, we foster a culture of skill-based and practical learning that enables students to maximize employment opportunities.

Opportunities at NILA

NILA gives its students the opportunity to excel in competitive work environments through highly focused industry matched training. Our strong industry linkages make NILA the first choice for both students, fresh out of school and working professionals. Our curriculum lays a strong focus on leadership and entrepreneurial skills, imbibing in our students the spirit of innovation and discovery.