Teaching Practices

NILA College takes an innovative approach to preparing students for the challenges of the modern world.

NILA’s dynamic curricula focus on developing skills that envelop and transcend business so that students have multidimensional abilities, and can contribute on many levels.

By infusing an entrepreneurial mindset and social innovation into our academic programs, NILA (National Institute of Learning and Academics) educates leaders capable of anticipating, initiating, and managing positive change in their organizations, industries, and in the world itself.


Through our innovative curriculum that combines theory with practice and a wide range of co-curricular opportunities, NILA models that teaching is a two-way street. Our faculty share their experience and expertise, and students are expected to contribute their ideas and energy to every academic and research activity.

Just as important as our faculty’s academic and professional qualifications is their approachability and dedication to our students success. NILA students are able to form close relationships with the faculty.