The Batra Group

batra-logoNILA (National Institute of Learning and Academics) is an initiative of the Batra Group under BWI. The Batra Group was established in 1911. Batra Group is a leading business conglomerate with interests in Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, Automobiles, Renewable Energy, Education, Exports of Home furnishing and Oil & Gas activities across India. With the noble intention to stimulate critical thinking and apply theory to application, the Group ventured into the Education arena with their first School of Nursing, in 1989. It has since established a Medical College in Jammu and a chain of 8 schools & training educational institutions across North India. Rendering service to humanity through excellent medical facilities and research at the Batra Hospital located in New Delhi, the Group has given back to society in full measure.

The Batra Group has always believed that human curiosity is the sole thrust behind the power of discovery. Apropos this philosophy, the Group fosters a culture of skill-based and research-oriented learning that enables students to maximize employment opportunities in their respective industry.

Under the astute guidance of The Batra Group, BWI mirrors the organization’s primary purpose of building values for students, faculty, and partners and for the society, at large.

At BWI Educon Ventures Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to keeping the students and staff in an atmosphere of learning in a multicultural environment. We instill in them, the spirit of enquiry and develop confidence to enhance their entrepreneurial skills through critical analysis and thinking.

With its specialized courses, BWI is valued as a coveted centre for holistic learning and inspiring the spirit of entrepreneurship to create responsible professionals who will help build a progressive nation.