NILA Advantages


The faculty at NILA (National Institute of Learning and Academics) assumes the role of a mentor to help the students as their friend, philosopher and guide. Our students have regular counseling sessions with the faculty so that they can excel beyond their own expectations and solve their problems in the most effective manner possible. This practice ensures holistic development of the students.

Mentoring engages students, faculty and staff in an environment that promotes academic excellence, leadership development, and career exploration for students. The mentoring process supports student’s continuous growth and development, the transfer of knowledge, and the building of personal and professional capabilities.

NILA has various lecture halls, theater for seminars, small discussion rooms for tutorial exercises and syndicate rooms for student team meetings. The halls are equipped with LCD projectors. All rooms are enabled with WIFI and central air conditioning. The classes have ample amount of natural light in the rooms and have carpeted flooring and ergonomic furniture in bright and inviting colors.As well as specialist facilities for specific courses, there are a number of other facilities that benefit all students. Whether students need the right reference material or some additional advice and guidance, NILA provides students with the support they need to make the most of their potential.

Curriculum Endorsed by Industry Experts

NILA’s innovative curriculum engages students in interdisciplinary education that inspires analytic thinking, creativity, and ethical business practices through experiential learning. Study Requirements are designed to encourage exploration while providing significant freedom of choice to the students. We go beyond merely applying textbook formulas to identify and create opportunities. At NILA, learning is experiential.

World Class Faculty

The members of our faculty are more than teachers. They are experienced and talented professionals in their field and bring thorough knowledge to the classroom that comes from a rich professional background of their industry. The Faculty at NILA has a talent and a passion for teaching bright students, combined with a sophisticated command of their disciplines. Their involvement in research, writing and creative expression translates into fresh, lively instruction in the classroom. The faculties experiment with new approaches and materials, tailoring instruction to the changing world beyond their classrooms or practical lessons. The quality of our faculty members at NILA is one of the primary reasons students choose to study here.

Personalised and Focused Attention

NILA has an excellent reputation for personalised attention and support for students by faculty and staff. At NILA we set out to develop high quality and high value learning. The qualities the faculty’s posses are highly commendable with hands on experience & updation of knowledge into the latest methodology of teaching skills. The teacher student relationship maintained is to the highest standards with personalised attention as the key parameter.

Student Life

NILA provides a platform that integrates the industry and academia to expose students to a stimulated atmosphere, which prepares students to secure a good job opportunity in the industry. At NILA we offers a supportive and caring campus environment for our students to develop socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.


NILA campus in Gurgaon, is well located and has easy metro connectivity, dining places, hotels, hospitals and market within a radius of 3 kms which provides an easy access to all the places and makes it convenient for our students.

Safety and Security

Students can enter into the Campus with their Identity Card only. All the students are issued an official Identity Card on joining the program. Students are required to carry their Identity cards at all times while in the Institute. Entry into the campus may be denied without Identity Card.

Anti-Ragging Measures

NILA is a ragging-free campus. Any act of ragging will be severely dealt with. We have laid down strict norms to ensure smooth induction of new students into the campus as well as to ensure that no undesirable activities take place under any circumstances.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

NILA College is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy educational and work environment in which no member of the College community is, on the basis of sex, or gender identity, excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination in any College program or activity. NILA has a strict Policy designed to ensure a safe and non-discriminatory educational and work environment for students.